Grain Free Vegan Day 6 (Oops Again)

A little preface.. I have been religiously avoiding wheat, but I have been eating some gluten free foods that are grains. So at the very least I’m still eating gluten free. I really am trying, I promise. 

Breakfast: banana, peanut butter, almond milk

Lunch: pear, cucumber, carrot, guacamole 

Snack: almond butter, trail mix

Dinner: leftover stuffed cabbage 

Dessert/snack: so delicious ice cream, rice whip, chocolate sauce, potato chips 

Update: I woke up feeling feverish with a headache, but forced myself to the gym anyway. I didn’t only feel amazing after, but I was able to go twice as hard. Needless to say I was pretty tired after. Asthma was great, no allergies. I’ll let you know tomorrow if the gluten free grain items affect my asthma. 

P.S. I bought the new firework Oreos, and I was going to say screw it and just try them, but my brother in law convinced me to finish the 30 days first. Something to look forward to!


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