Grain/Gluten Free Vegan Day 7&8

A little update. I decided not to log my meals for a few reasons. One, it triggers a past eating disorder, and two, it’s just too much work to remember everything I ate. Rest assured though I am sticking to the diet. I put grain/gluten because here or there I may use a gluten free grain like soy sauce or rice whip, but I have been avoiding actual rice and oats and quinoa, so I feel I am partially grain free. 

I’m still taking my gerd medication because quite honestly I’m too afraid to not take them right now. Maybe after the 30 days I’ll go a night without them. My asthma has been great. I’m still on my twice daily inhaler, but it’s actually under control. Usually I struggle with the inhaler, but now I take it and I’m good all day. My headaches and bad symptoms went away. I’m sleeping excellent. That could be from the gerd pills. Not sure. My hair and skin haven’t had any changes. My mood seems much better. 

I haven’t been craving grains, but I must say I crave the convenience. It was so easy to grab some bread in the morning or throw veggies over rice or pasta for dinner, or grab crackers for a snack.

I bought the new firework Oreos, which will be my treat after day 30. I’m kind of afraid of what might happen! 


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