Gluten/Grain Free Vegan Day 9&10

I have been eating mostly grain free, with the gluten free exception of rice and rice products. I did, however, accidentally purchase non gluten free ice cream. I ate it yesterday and today to not waste it. I’m having trouble breathing. Coincidence? I will most likely finish it tomorrow just to not waste it, but I’m pretty sure the gluten free thing is really helping my asthma and sleep. As for the gerd, still on the pills, but no bad symptoms. And as for those special Oreos I purchased, I will try one tomorrow and give the rest away. I knew I would fail, but I genuinely believe it’s helping, so I need go get back on track. 


Grain/Gluten Free Vegan Day 7&8

A little update. I decided not to log my meals for a few reasons. One, it triggers a past eating disorder, and two, it’s just too much work to remember everything I ate. Rest assured though I am sticking to the diet. I put grain/gluten because here or there I may use a gluten free grain like soy sauce or rice whip, but I have been avoiding actual rice and oats and quinoa, so I feel I am partially grain free. 

I’m still taking my gerd medication because quite honestly I’m too afraid to not take them right now. Maybe after the 30 days I’ll go a night without them. My asthma has been great. I’m still on my twice daily inhaler, but it’s actually under control. Usually I struggle with the inhaler, but now I take it and I’m good all day. My headaches and bad symptoms went away. I’m sleeping excellent. That could be from the gerd pills. Not sure. My hair and skin haven’t had any changes. My mood seems much better. 

I haven’t been craving grains, but I must say I crave the convenience. It was so easy to grab some bread in the morning or throw veggies over rice or pasta for dinner, or grab crackers for a snack.

I bought the new firework Oreos, which will be my treat after day 30. I’m kind of afraid of what might happen! 

 Grain Free Vegan Day 6 (Oops Again)

A little preface.. I have been religiously avoiding wheat, but I have been eating some gluten free foods that are grains. So at the very least I’m still eating gluten free. I really am trying, I promise. 

Breakfast: banana, peanut butter, almond milk

Lunch: pear, cucumber, carrot, guacamole 

Snack: almond butter, trail mix

Dinner: leftover stuffed cabbage 

Dessert/snack: so delicious ice cream, rice whip, chocolate sauce, potato chips 

Update: I woke up feeling feverish with a headache, but forced myself to the gym anyway. I didn’t only feel amazing after, but I was able to go twice as hard. Needless to say I was pretty tired after. Asthma was great, no allergies. I’ll let you know tomorrow if the gluten free grain items affect my asthma. 

P.S. I bought the new firework Oreos, and I was going to say screw it and just try them, but my brother in law convinced me to finish the 30 days first. Something to look forward to!

Grain Free Vegan Day 5

Brekafast: banana, peanut butter, almond milk

Lunch: cucumber, avocado, hummus

Snack: french fries, guacamole, dandies marshmallows, dark chocolate

Dinner: mixed greens salad, tomato, cucumber, evoo, balsmalmic vinegar, nutritional yeast, purple cabbage 

Snack: trail mix (nuts, dark chocolate, craisins)

Update: Ok… it’s hard to tell if these symptoms are from my period or from gluten withdrawal. My asthma was decent today. My allergies were a little wonky. I was extremely irritable. That’s an understatement. Ontop of being in the worst mood known to mankind, I had a splitting headache. Gluten withdrawal? Better be worth it.

Grain Free Vegan Day 4 (Oops…)

Before I get into my meal diary you can tell straight away from the title I messed up. One mistake was on accident, one was on purpose, HOWEVER, the mistakes I made on purpose were at the very least, gluten free. Let’s get into the meal diary, and then an update. 

(Insert medium iced coffee with almond milk and syrup that I forgot to log yesterday)

Breakfast: banana, peanut butter, almond milk

Lunch: Cajun fries with ketchup, hashbrowns 

Snack: dandies marshmallows with dark chocolate 

Dinner: homemade sushi with nori, cauliflower rice, sprouts, cucumber, red cabbage, carrot, avocado, and the two gluten free items, not grain free items were rice vinegar and soy sauce (intentional mistake)

Dessert: banana with peanut butter and dark chocolate, vanilla almond milk 

The unintentional mistake was that I read online lentils are grains. I didn’t know that. Waste not though, I shall finish my lentil stuffed cabbage. 

Update: Another rainy day, high humidity, and my second day not going to the gym, so my asthma wasn’t great today. Nowhere near as bad as before giving up grains, but I believe it was all the above factors that led to my struggle. Still taking my gerd pills, possibly flonase. I didn’t sleep at all last night, most likely due to the late coffee, which I deeply regret. I haven’t been sleeping well the past few days now that I think of it. I mean come on, it’s only day four. I can’t be expecting instantaneous miracles. 

Grain Free Vegan Day 3

Breakfast: leftover chia pudding with banana and peanut butter 

Lunch: leftover stuffed cabbage

Snack: dandies marshmallows with dark chocolate 

Dinner: Moe’s burrito bowl with black beans, pinto beans, onions, peppers, Pico, lettuce, and guacamole, and Cajun french fries with ketchup

Update: Surprisingly today I didn’t feel as hungry as the last few days. Leftovers are a savior at this point. My asthma is still pretty consistent. I had the slightest trouble, which could have been due to the humidity from the pouring rain. I must say I was in a foul mood today. I pegged it down to me starting my period, but I read online that grain withdrawal can cause headaches and depression, and boy did I experience both. I’m only on day three and I was about to give up. Come on, I had the strength to go vegan. I can do this!!

Grain Free Vegan Day 2

Breakfast: chocolate chia pudding with almond milk, cocoa powder, agave, and blueberies, Nut butter packet 

Lunch: leftover broccoli salad from yesterday 

Snack: tea, potato chips

Dinner: stuffed cabbage made with lentils, garlic, red onion, mushrooms, evoo, salt, garlic and onion powder, and crushed tomatoes

Dessert: Apple with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips 

Update: As you can see I was able to eat a lot more today! I still find myself more hungry and I’m learning to have leftovers on hand because it seems like nothing grain free is quick to make. I slept decent last night, but my gerd was still affecting me. I took my gerd pills tonight before dinner because grain or no grain, that sauce would’ve kept me up all night! I was going to give up my gerd pills, but I think it’s best I stay on until I’m sure no grains will help, as I have an overacidic stomach regardless. Leaving on a positive note, my asthma symptoms seem to be as steady as yesterday.