F is for Flax

Flax seeds are full of nutrients and are very important due to the omega 3s. They are fairly inexpensive. You can buy the full seeds or ground seeds at any store ranging from cheap to expensive. The full seeds can be used on everything from pasta to a salad, or baked into your bread. Now here’s the magic of ground flax seed that most vegans know about… Have you heard of ‘Flax egg’? 1 tablespoon of ground flax  mixed with 3 tablespoons of warm water, let it sit for a minute. Viola, a flax egg! This recipe can be used as a substitute for one egg in a baking recipe for brownies, cakes, cookies, etc. Another super cool trick is to make a flax egg and put it in an ice cube tray. Take a frozen flax egg, let it sit until slightly thawed. Use a hand or stand mixer to whip up the slightly frozen flax egg for a meringue! 
Stay tuned for the rest of my vegan alphabet. 


E is for EVOO

Or known as extra virgin olive oil.

Evoo is good for your heart and full of antioxidants. Evoo is in fact the healthiest oil on the planet. It is very popular in the Mediterranean diet. Duh, olives. Evoo can be used on or in several foods, or used to cook foods. My personal favorite is olive oil in my pasta instead of tomato sauce. This is a great option for my gerd sufferers. Drizzle some evoo on hummus or a margherita pizza. Mmm mmm. 

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D is for Dates 

And dark chocolate, of course!

Dates have lots of health benefits, but most importantly they are full of fiber! This means you will stay fuller longer, and on an unrelated note, will add some bulk to your stool. Dates can be eaten as they are, blended into a vegan caramel, or used as a base for tons of desserts. My favorite way to have dates are in Lara bars. Dates are thick and sticky enough to hold a bar together. They make you feel like you’re having a bad treat, but you’re actually Not! If you make you’re own almond milk add a few dates to the blend for natural sweetness and extra benefits. 

I don’t think dark chocolate needs any explanation. It holds lots of iron and curbs cravings. If you want to just go nuts on junk food have a few squares of dark chocolate instead and you’ll be good to go. As a rule of thumb I go by, any chocolate above 72 percent is vegan. But always check the labels just in case!! I have found vegan chocolate at 68 percent, and have also found non vegan chocolate at 72 percent. My favorite vegan chocolate is Endangered Species. Not all their bars are vegan though, so look for the V on the back. 

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C is for Coconuts

And cashews, of course. 

Coconuts and cashews may not be super foods, but they do contain fiber and minerals, oh, and they make the best non dairy everything! You can make almost anything from a coconut or cashew, or you can go right to the store and buy it. I’m talking milk, ice cream, creamer, yogurt. All of this can be made from a good old coconut or cashew. Cashew milk and ice cream are actually my favorite because cashews make the creamiest items. As price goes I find it cheaper to buy the products than to make them because cashews tend to be expensive and coconuts are just a lot of work. Coconuts and cashews aren’t just used for substitutes though; They make great snacks! Lightly salted cashew halves are my favorite. Buy or make some coconut chips for a snack, or add it to your breakfast cereal , OR use as a gluten free granola. 

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B is for Beans

And bananas, of course. 

Beans are full of protein and iron, and they sure fill you up. You can put beans on virtually anything like sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, chili and tacos. You can even make black bean brownies! Black bean brownies are like healthy protein bars that taste naughty. They taste even better with peanut butter. The great thing about beans is that they are super cheap. You can get a whole bag for a dollar, or cans at 75 cents a piece. 

And we can’t discount bananas… Besides the usual smoothie or banana bread, you can make nice cream. Peel your bananas, put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer, then blend with just a splash of non dairy milk. Add whatever you like. Syrups, cookies, vegan marshmallows or cocoa powder for a chocolate nice cream. To keep it on the healthier side, blend with another fruit like raspberries for a different flavor. 

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A is for Agave 

And apples, of course. 

Are you a tea drinker? Agave is the perfect alternative to honey. It has less calories, less sugar, a low glycemic index, AND is plant based. You can also put agave in coffee or pretty much anything really. In my opinion you use less agave than honey to sweeten a drink, and agave does not alter the drink’s taste. Agave is quite expensive, unless you’re buying it in a bulk store. The best deal I’ve found ever was a nice big bottle of agave syrup from a bulk store for $7.99! 

Update: How could I forget almonds?! Almond milk is literally my life. Get yourself some almond milk and realize it has twice as much calcium as cow’s milk. Mind blown; You’re welcome. 

Stay tuned for the continuation of the vegan alphabet.